In 2008 we opened the doors to Deep Roots Hydro in Sebastopol, CA.  Three years later we opened our second location in Santa Rosa, CA.

Our mission has always been to provide a valuable service to cultivators by offering experienced advice, reliable service, honest business practices and competitive prices.  Perhaps most important to us is that we have a well-earned reputation in the community as being the best at providing everything a large or small cultivator needs.


My Role at Deep Roots Hydro:

I have many important tasks in keeping Deep Roots Hydro at the top of its field.

One is to stay current on all the latest compliance issues and the rules regarding the permitting process.  This is an ever changing world as our communities are often altering their current laws relating to cultivation.

My role in marketing is to provide our local farmers, whether large or small, with the best products provided by the industries top companies.  As our industry continues to grow new and improved products arrive on a daily basis.  It is extremely important to keep up on what products work well, and weed out those that do not.

We educate our staff at Deep Roots Hydro on a daily basis so that we can continue to provide the high level of service that our customers have grown to expect.

From my earliest days in the farming community I discovered how important it is to have a reliable place for knowledge and expertise as well as quality hands on customer service.

My position with the company has been to market that knowledge in a way that is consistent and relevant to today’s cultivator.


My Background

Originally from Bakersfield, CA I had my first visit to Sonoma County in 1986 when a friend invited me to join her to visit her family.  Eight years later I moved here when I decided to attend Santa Rosa Junior College.  Upon completing my studies there I moved on to Sonoma State University where I graduated with a bachelor degree.  Later I attended the Empire School of Law in Santa Rosa, CA.

While in school I met many people who were involved in the northern California cannabis culture.  The part that fascinated me the most was the aspect of cultivation.  In an effort to learn all that I could I immersed myself in the world of farming.  My education continued as I learned from others the art of growing and caring for the soil as well as the plant.  I learned that anyone can keep a plant alive, but there is an art to maximizing the yield of each plant.

Next I took on the complicated aspects of indoor growing.  Learning this new way of farming introduced me to an all new set of cultivation issues as well as learning new types of technology.  One had to know about HVAC systems, electrical loads and basic construction.

Perhaps one of the most important things I learned was how important it was to have an honest, reliable, and experienced local hydroponic store who could help when a problem arose or a special product was required.  It was in one of those places that I met my eventual business partner Dylan Marzullo.

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