Originally from Bakersfield, Ca I had my first visit to Sonoma County in 1986 when a friend invited me to come with her to visit her family. It wasn’t until 1994 that I decided to move to Santa Rosa to go attend college first the JC and then later attending and graduating from Sonoma State University. I would later go on to Law School at Empire Law in Santa Rosa. During that time in school I met a lot of guys who were in the world of NorCal cannabis culture. This was something completely new to me and alluring. But at the time still very taboo and illegal. As time went on I became immersed in the culture of cultivating. The term at the time was gorilla grower but since we were in the city limits I referred to us as urban gorilla growers.
From this world I refined my feel for cultivating cannabis. I rapidly had to learn the ropes of HVAC systems, electrical loads and basic construction. At the time there were few places to get advice but one place was the local hydroponic store which is where I met Dylan, my business partner at Deep Roots.
In 2008 Dylan and I opened our doors to Deep Roots in Sebastopol, Ca. Here we built our business to multiple stores and a reputation for good business dealings and competitive know how. We have always known was has been at stake for cultivators, which is knowledge. My position with the company has been to market that know how in a way that is consistent and relevant. Today I seek out new ways to provide the best customers service to our patrons. I have immersed myself in the new world of compliance and legal permitting in order to inform our patrons of the new world of cannabis.

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