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Top Shooter

Start a new flowering cycle after the regular cycle has stopped by using House & Garden Top Shooter. Top Shooter is a liquid flower booster that contains added levels of potassium and phosphorus to enhance the flowering cycle in hydroponics and soil applications. Use only when your plants are sufficiently healthy - it is a…
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The SPYDR 2i is a high-performance top-lighting solution for commercial cannabis growers who want to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices and experimental applications or treatments. SPYDR 2i provides superior intensity, uniformity and efficacy and is not intended for beginners or growers not supplementing with CO2. PPF: 1700 µmol/s Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J Input Power:…
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Power Si

Power Si is the original patented form of stabilized, bioavalible silicic acid for crops. Unlike other silica products, we work with the best possible silicic acid matrix (patented!) to ensure superior absorption. Power Si is a proprietary organic biomix containing highly bioavaliable micro and macro nutrients. It is a pure, highly concentrated formula with fast…
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KoolBloom® is a highly concentrated nutrient supplement that promotes abundant flowering and facilitates ripening in annual flowers and herbs. KoolBloom® is rich with phosphorus and potassium and contains precise amounts of ripening elements. KoolBloom® is to be used only at the very end of a plant's life cycle and will help build larger, heavier fruits…
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