• Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    "Deep Roots was founded on the idea that information is king and that information is needed in order to be a successful cultivator. Whether you are growing from the comfort…

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  • Pest Management

    Pest Management

    "Pests and disease are our biggest yield and quality killers to our industry. We have fielded literally thousands of disease and pests questions from our customers over the years and…

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  • Propagation Concepts

    Propagation Concepts

    Plant propagation is the process of creating new plants from a variety of sources: seeds, cuttings and other plant parts. Let us help you with the most efficient and cost…

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  • Greenhouse Systems

    Greenhouse Systems

    "During the last ten years a lot has changed with respect as to how and where people cultivate. Due to the many changing laws, people are considering outdoor and greenhouse…

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  • Delivery Services

    Delivery Services

    "After monitoring the treads with customers purchasing online and seeing Amazon take on the world of delivery we knew we would have to start to offer a delivery service. Over…

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  • Nutrients & Fertilizers

    Nutrients & Fertilizers

    "There are so many nutrient lines out there that claim they grow the best product or that they are cost effective. We have been dealing with thousands of customers over…

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  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    "Watering can be a very labor intensive process whether you are hand watering or irrigating through drip systems it is paramount that the plants get the needed watering to stay…

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  • Water Filtration

    Water Filtration

    "Water is the life blood for your plants and without a certain purity of water your plants cannot flourish the way they were intended. At Deep Roots we sell some…

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