Top Shooter


Top Shooter

Start a new flowering cycle after the regular cycle has stopped by using House & Garden Top Shooter.
Top Shooter is a liquid flower booster that contains added levels of potassium and phosphorus to enhance the flowering cycle in hydroponics and soil applications.
Use only when your plants are sufficiently healthy – it is a very strong agent that requires a lot of stamina from your plants.
When you use Top Shooter flowering extender, the extra yield will surprise you – it actually creates a new layer on top of the existing fruit. Output increases of up to 30% can be reached this way.
Application rate: use Top Shooter at the end of the flowering period for the last three weeks.
Week 6 – use 2.8 mL per gallon
Week 7 – use 5.7 mL per gallon
Week 8 – use 5.7 mL per gallon
Week 6 – use 3.8 mL per gallon
Week 7 – use 7.6 mL per gallon
Week 8 – use 7.6 mL per gallon
Top Shooter will treat over 250 gallons of nutrient solution.

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