The iPonic 624

iPonic 624 - one of many great environmental controllers and garden supplies

The iPonic 624


A Multitude of Amazing Features

Keeping your hydroponics system in order is important. That’s why the iPonic 624 Hydroponic Controller is the kind of garden supplies that come equipped with many great features including the following.

  • Automatically flips 12-hour light cycles in 2 separate rooms
  • Adjust settings via smartphone or any smart device
  • Control it from anywhere you are!
  • Receive alerts when your grow room requires attention
  • Dual room/zone controller
  • Includes free communication module
  • 2 Sensors with unmatched sensitivity and durability
  • Accommodates up to 8 120V outlets over 2 rooms
  • Removable USB thumb drive for data storage
  • Add your own custom devices

Hydroponic Control and Garden Supplies

Environment controllers are vital to keeping your hydroponic garden under control, ensuring the best yields and long-term health of the plants. Check out our hydroponic environment controllers today and give us a call if you need help getting your garden planned and implemented!

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