Fresh out of high school and I my interest for the cannabis industry was in full swing. I began working for a small hydroponics store in Santa Rosa there is were I learned the complete cycles of growing. From seedlings to harvest I was hands on with the process. I played with hydroponics and aquaponics but mostly indoor with those techniques. During the outdoor seasons I was involved in greenhouse growing as well as outdoor which taught me a lot about nature and its volatile nature.

As my experience gained momentum I eventually become manager the hydroponic store I was working at. This eventually led to being employed for a local dispensary to do their cultivation. I was in charge of a multitude of greenhouses which allowed me to use a lot of the current nutrient brands on the market that are used for cannabis cultivation (General Hydroponics, Advance, Earth Juice, etc…) I learned how to make compost teas to better the crops I was pulling for the public sale and consumption. Using the teas not just in a general way but using them to reflect the cycles of cultivation.

My experience led to deep knowledge in lighting equipment and environmental controllers. With this base knowledge I can better assist customers with their projects for the most effective and applicable equipment. During my years of cultivating for myself I built and wired all my own rooms.