When a customer walks in our store and wants to know how to grow, I am the man to ask.  I’m experienced in every type of growing.  Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, I’ve done it.

Need to know about lighting, nutrients, teas? Just ask.

My job is to help you.  Whether you need advice, products, or to solve a problem together we can make it grow.


My Background

I began working for a small hydroponics store in Santa Rosa where I learned the complete cycles of growing.  From seedlings to harvest I was hands on with the entire process.  I primarily worked at indoor growing using hydroponics and aquaponics.  During the outdoor seasons I also got immersed in greenhouse and outdoor growing, which taught me a great deal about the volatility of nature.  Having grown in experience I was promoted to manager of that hydroponics store.

When a great opportunity was offered to me to be in charge of cultivation at a local dispensary I jumped at it.  Now I was in charge of a multitude of greenhouses overseeing the entire growing operation.

This experience allowed me to really grow and fine tune my cultivation skills.  On a daily basis I was working with a lot of the current nutrient brands on the market such as

General Hydroponics, Advance, Earth Juice, etc.  I could see the results of what worked and what didn’t.

I also got an education in Compost Teas.  Not only does one need to know how to make different kinds of teas, but also how to use them effectively in the various cycles of cultivation

My extensive knowledge in lighting equipment and environmental controllers allows me to better assist customers with their projects.  Depending on the size and location of their operation I can direct them to the most effective and applicable equipment.