My love for the industry as led me to a place I have always wanted to be, helping cultivators grow the best strains possible. I have always been a high level connoisseur of cannabis. This led me to really seek the best ways to cultivate to bring out the best flavors in cannabis. Over the last 10 years I have been involved with everything from outdoor to indoors grows and always seeking the best ways to not only make a high yield but the best ways to get the flavors people seek when consuming cannabis.

I have run a retail hydroponics store virtually by myself. The best part was the owner had the highest knowledge of cultivating that I’d see up to that time. It was a great learning experience for me and it gave me the confidence to move into higher learning of plant biology and horticultural knowledge. Today I help a lot people fulfill their dreams of having small cannabis farms, whether be it the equipment they need or the strains they seek to grow the best, I am always open to provide the best route for them to take as far as nutrients and healthy preventatives.

A few years ago I moved over to Deep Roots and since then I have been elevated to a whole new world of responsibility. Out here in Sonoma County there is a quest to have the best quality product on the market and I an always happy to give my knowledge.