As a manager for Deep Roots Hydroponics I perform many different tasks.

Our stores are filled with hundreds of different products from a multitude of different suppliers.  In an effort to pass along the lowest prices possible to our valued customers we are continuously monitoring our costs through our suppliers.  My role in tracking our huge inventory and price fluctuations through the various suppliers plays an important role in this process.

Another important aspect of keeping Deep Roots as efficient as possible is to have its computer systems running at the highest level.  My role in the area of IT, software management, and the inventory management system keeps the Deep Roots engine running at peak performance.

I am often asked to tackle projects that vary greatly on a day to day basis.  As a manager I deal with every aspect of the Deep Roots operation from before the store opens to long after the doors close.  My background in problem solving and management skills allow me to not only handle the everyday issues, but to also keep focused on the big picture.


My Background

After attending WyoTech I traveled around North America as a pit crew chief for a Nascar team.

My education in business management gave me the skills needed to run a team as a cohesive unit.  Between the school and work experiences I learned a great deal about team management, computer systems, business software, and problem solving.

Before joining the team at Deep Roots I had some experience in outdoor cultivation and greenhouses. Since joining Deep Roots my education in cultivation has grown immensely.  I took to the industry rather quickly and was almost immediately promoted to management.

For me there are many parallels between high performance cars and high performance plants. In order to get maximum performance, one needs a solid base, an efficient operation, the best equipment, and the knowledge to maximize it.

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