With almost 25 years of experience in the industry my background has given me a vast understanding of the many aspects of cultivation.  Whether your cultivation site is small or large, indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse you want a knowledgeable and reliable resource that can help you with equipment, irrigation, nutrients, pests, disease and general problem solving.

As a teenager my first job in the industry was working for General Hydroponics.  While working there I became well versed in the way plants used nutrients, and how those nutrients created a larger yield and better quality plant.   

This foundation of knowledge has been a valuable skill as it relates to general and specialized plant nutrition, as well as today’s latest nutritional products.

General Hydroponics was just a budding company when I first started working there.  Today it is the largest cannabis nutrient company in the world.  As often happens in business, General Hydroponics was purchased by Scotts, the largest fertilizer company in the world.

In 2001 I took my skills to one of the only hydroponic stores in northern California at that time, Hydro Depot.  Cultivating indoors was a new world and the farmers in Sonoma County quickly realized that I could be counted on as one of the foremost authorities in this field.  Whether you were a novice grower, or a seasoned veteran I took pride in assisting everyone.  Over the course of the next seven years I saw the industry explode as old fashioned, tried and true farming techniques were aided by modern technology .  It was an exciting time and I was proud of my role in expanding the local industry.

Deep Roots Hydro

The concept was to offer to the growers of northern California the best service, reliable expertise and the highest quality products.  Anyone can sell you a product but if they don’t have the knowledge to explain how to best utilize it, or won’t take the time to do so, it really doesn’t do you much good.

In 2008, Jesse Narvaez and I opened Deep Roots Hydro in Sebastopol, CA and we haven’t looked back.  We have since expanded to a second store in Santa Rosa for your convenience.  Our inventory is second to none and we are positioned to serve the local farmers for many years to come.

Whether you are growing asparagus, cannabis, or zucchini you need to know many things.  Sometimes the knowledge needed has little to do with the plant itself, it has more to do with its environment, food, or outside influences.  Our goal is to utilize our years of experience to help you to achieve maximum growth potential.