I was still in high school when I started in the industry. At the time using the word cannabis wasn’t as accepted as it is these days. In 1995 I was hired as a production assistant at a budding company called General Hydroponics. Today this company is the largest cannabis nutrient company in the world as was bought a few years ago by the largest fertilizer company in the world, Scotts. While working there I became well versed in the the way plant used nutrients and how those nutrients created a larger yield and better quality plant. Although we never used actual cannabis plants I was able to use that basic knowledge at the job I had after I left GH.

In 2001 I was offered a job at a small hydroponic store called Hydro Depot. At the time this was the one of the only hydroponic stores in northern California. As a result I rapidly became a conduit of knowledge for the people who wanted to cultivate cannabis but didn’t have a forum of knowledge to bank from. Throughout the 7 years I was there I saw the industry explode into something incredible. Farmers being made to cultivate indoors was a new world I was a huge part of that growth in Sonoma County in particular. I was also able to help cultivators expand into outdoor and greenhouse cultivating.

Finally in 2008 me and a friend of mine opened our own store and called it Deep Roots Hydro. At one point we had 3 stores but today we have diluted to just 2 that feed a large part of the Sonoma county farmers. When it comes to cannabis cultivating you have to know so many different fields that aren't event associate with the plant itself but that help further its productive ability. As a result I am well versed in all the equipment needed to facilitate a small or large cultivation site. Anything from irrigation to problem solving pests and disease.