It was right around the time I was finished with high school that I began my interest in the cannabis industry. Much of my experience came from hands on behavior. Although I did take some ag classes in high school I learned most of my cultivating hands on. I would help friends and family with their crops as a result took a great interest in the process. Mostly participating in outdoor and greenhouse cultivating. This experience led to using different kinds of machinery and techniques for cultivating.
I quickly learned how to construct greenhouses and irrigation systems. This entailed using large bulldozers and trenching equipment. We built light dep greenhouses as well as temporary indoor cultivation facilities to veg plants out before sun exposure.
Compost teas and other nutrient application became my specialty which was a great benefit to our crop quality and pest control. Since starting work at Deep Roots these techniques have come in very handy since new regulations call for more natural disease and pest control. Handing off this information has been a great benefit to our customer base and I can see it will help our continued growth into compliant cultivators. The integrity of the industry is gaining momentum and I feel my skill are right in line with the timing.
I have also been a bud tender at a few dispensaries which has been a great help in applying nutrient techniques to specific strains. This has translated to larger yields and heading off problems a cultivator may experience. These days quality is pinocle to the sale and branding of a cultivators cannabis.

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