My specialty is in the areas of compost teas and other nutrient applications as it pertains to today’s new compliance regulations.  I also have experience in bud tending and determining which nutrients work best with different strains.  Since I joined the team at Deep Roots Hydro I have continued to pass along my knowledge and experience to the benefit of our customers.


My background in the cannabis industry began shortly after high school, helping family and friends with their greenhouse and outdoor crops.  While I did take some Ag classes in school the bulk of my early experience was hands on.


I designed and built greenhouses and irrigation systems, as well as temporary indoor cultivation facilities.  From starter plants to harvesting, bud tending, and compliant crop management, I have participated in every aspect of the growing process.


The modern cultivator seeks higher yields, crop quality, and natural disease and pest control.  I’m excited to be a part of the industry as it continues to gain momentum, together we will grow.


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