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Consulting Services

"Deep Roots was founded on the idea that information is king and that information is needed in order to be a successful cultivator. Whether you are growing from the comfort of your home or at a commercial site with tons of capital at stake, at Deep Roots we have always known what is at stake…
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Pest Management

"Pests and disease are our biggest yield and quality killers to our industry. We have fielded literally thousands of disease and pests questions from our customers over the years and have come to a solid conclusion, no two situations are the same. There are so many factors that go into what to do about a…
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Nutrients & Fertilizers

"There are so many nutrient lines out there that claim they grow the best product or that they are cost effective. We have been dealing with thousands of customers over the years that have used the old and new products out there. Our goal has always been to collect as much data on the products…
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