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  • Pest Management

    Pest Management

    "Pests and disease are the biggest yield and quality killers in our industry. We have fielded literally thousands of disease and pest questions from our customers over the years and…

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  • Delivery Services

    Delivery Services

    "After monitoring the treads with customers purchasing online and seeing Amazon take on the world of delivery we knew we would need to offer a delivery service. Over the last…

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  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    "Watering can be a very labor intensive process whether you are hand watering or irrigating through drip systems it is paramount that the plants get the necessary moisture to stay…

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  • Tools & Accessories

    Tools & Accessories

    "Scissors, trellis, gloves and storage bags are some of the tools and accessories we carry at Deep Roots. Whether you are pulling down a crop or trellising it due to…

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