Greenhouse Systems

"During the last ten years a lot has changed with respect as to how and where people cultivate. Due to the many changing laws, people are considering outdoor and greenhouse cultivation as a better solution to indoor. Indoor cultivation is more subject to the rising costs of power and the ever increasing cost of warehouse space. With light deprivation being the most practiced and profitable way of getting the most yields from your greenhouses in a year, we see this as the future of our industry. As a result we have fostered relationships with green house suppliers that can outfit any small or commercial greenhouse. So if you are looking to heat a 100 foot green house or need ebb and flow nursery benches we have it. We have the highest quality greenhouse material covers that can be cut to spec for any greenhouse."


"Lighting is the corner stone of true high quality high yielding cultivation. If you don't have the right light foot print in the space provided you could be losing out on thousands of dollars a year. At Deep Roots we work closely with lighting companies such as Phantom by Hydrofarm or Gavitas by Hawthorne, these light are equipped double ended lighting technology and have a high powered output that provide for the highest quality flower and highest yielding. One of the main causes of over production in the black market has been the advent of these double ended lamps, which has even novice cultivators yielding three pounds per light. But as margins shrink over the next few years we will see more of the LED technology come to the mainstream. Currently we stock Fluence LED and have heard some great outcome with these new lamps. The rumor about the LED lamp is they form a higher quality terpin profile and of course and mitigate power usage and cost."

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