When storing and curing flower after harvest season, it can be a potentially nerve racking experience if you do not take the right precautions to keep your flowers fresh.

Besides some iffy household solutions that can alter its quality (i.e. tortillas/orange peels) there are a number of professional products in our hydroponics store that guarantee results, a lot of times being comparable to or similar to each other. Unless you are personally working through trial and error with each product, you will usually go with a recommendation, presentation, or by prices alone.

Integra Vs. Boveda

Both the Boveda and the Integra have specific inserts ranging from small to large with 55% to 62% humidity control these percentages are ideal for the purposes of regulating herb specifically, the drier the flower is, the higher percentage you’d want to use (keeping a balance between too wet and too dry) in the middle would be your goal in keeping freshness, flavor, aroma, and potency. These brands are both equally ‘easy to use’ and neither requires activation before insertion into storage bags or jars. Boveda humidity control packets can also be used for tobacco (cigar), and dry food storage, these recommended percentages for the other uses range from 13% – 98%.

There are only a couple select distinctions about each of them that might be noteworthy. Integra: One thing the sets them apart right away would be the replacement indicator the comes along with each packet you buy, the function of this small tab will turn its inside circle blue when it is time to change out your 2-way humidifying packet. If you include either Integra Boost or Boveda in your marijuana growing supplies, you can be sure they both will perform wonderfully for you.

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